Into Nintendo and Amiibo? For Yoshi’s Wooly World Toys R Us has an exclusive giant yarn green Yoshi Amiibo: (Toys R Us) He retails for $39.99. That is a lot for a plush of his size but given the rare nature of this amiibo you get what you pay for. Well made, cute, and functional […]

Hello again everyone! The busy holidays are over and we are back to talk all things plush. There are new Funko Fabrikations out or soon to be released! Superheros – Rocket Raccoon:   Groot: Batman:   Captain America:   Hulk:   Iron Man:   Thor:   Pixar’s Insideout – Sadness:   Anger:   Ninja Turtles […]

Funko is making a new line of soft sculpted figures based on their properties, which are 6 inches tall. The two new Star Wars characters joining the line are Greedo and Chewbacca. Greedo: Chewbacca:   The figure’s heads rotate, any accessories are made from vinyl, and they are stuffed with dense foam to maintain their […]

Do you remember Puppy Surprise from the 1990s? (source) In the package: (source) Old commercial: [youtube=] These dogs were produced by Hasbro from 1991 to 1993. The surprise part is that the mom dog has a Velcro pocket in her tummy which contains an unknown number of puppies. One can only wonder if this toy […]

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